Flammable Liquids

Canada's Premiere Destination for Hot Sauce, Salsas and Fiery Foods

Our Story

What we do... we do well. And what is it we do, you ask? We sell fiery food to chiliheads - a special breed of superhuman that not only digs on the taste of the world's hottest peppers but thrives on em. Some of the chiliheads we serve are after the sweet and savoury taste of BBQ and wing sauce, and sure, we do that well. Others will go straight to the source in their quest to experience pure capsaicin, which is what makes hot peppers so damned hot! We have over 500 types of Gourmet Products including hot sauces, BBQ sauces, wing sauces, salsas, dips, and gift packs. Test

Quality Guarantee

Commitment to Quality. Guaranteed.

At Flammable Liquids & Specialty Foods we carry only the finest quality products on the market. We move large volumes of fiery foods every week, so our products are always fresh. We pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction. All orders are shipped out within two business days.

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase you may return the product within 2 weeks for a full refund. We ask only that you return the product in the same condition and with the same packaging in which you received it. You are responsible for any costs incurred when returning an item to us. To return product, please contact us directly by phone, fax or email.

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